We believe in the power of individuals coming together to achieve shared goals. We thank you for joining New Champions 5050 as a Leader/Ambassador, and welcome you to a global collaboration to positively impact gender equality around the world this year and in the future.


Leadership Roles in the New Champions 5050 Global Team:

These roles are open to both women and men in the Young Global Leaders community, Global Shapers community, Schwab Social Entrepreneurs community, and other communities of the World Economic Forum  

INDUSTRY / INSTITUTIONAL AMBASSADOR - Ambassador for the initiative, sharing the New Champions 5050 initiative and key initiative campaigns within one's industry, field, or institution (company/academic institution/NGO) across multiple platforms (media, social media, networks, events). 

COUNTRY AMBASSADOR - Ambassador for the initiative, sharing the New Champions 5050 initiative and key initiative campaigns within one's country across multiple platforms (media, social media, networks, events). Inspires Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers, and WEF community members to support the initiative and campaigns like Gender Equality Month.

COUNTRY LEADER - Also an Ambassador. Additionally, organizes events & collaboration meetings at the country level. Promotes and supports global campaigns like Gender Equality Month at the country level. 

REGIONAL LEADER - An Ambassador for the initiative for an entire region. Additionally, organizes New Champions 5050 working meetings & side events during World Economic Forum Regional Meetings. Inspires engagement in the initiative and our campaigns among YGLs, Global Shapers, and other WEF community members and participants throughout a region. 

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Thank you for your support of the New Champions 5050 global movement!

We look forward to enabling gender equality and changing the world together!