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Regularly praised for its impeccable service, elegantly appointed rooms and vibrant atmosphere, guests are invited to enjoy the spectacular views from the iconic building while meeting for business, or indulging in a well-earned treatment in the Spa. Other facilities: The reason for such shocking behaviour wasn't so much the film's content, which today garners a more sober 12 rating, but because of the use of Bill Haley and the Comets' early rock'n'roll hit Rock Around the Clock, which played over the opening credits. Beer discoveries strives to make you discover beer in a playful, greedy and participative way.

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Clueless is notable for not having a "bully" character who meets a comeuppance.

One constant is that I put crudely high expectations on others, mirroring those thrown upon me as a kid.
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Wow your guests with a special event held at the Hard Rock Cafe Brussels.
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A travel workshop for young trippers in the city.

Book a private guided tour to visit the heart of Brussels and its remarkable downtown sites located between the Central Station, the Cathedral, the Royal Saint Hubert galleries, the Beguinage, the former old port and the GrandPlace.

From the inside, black people have been fighting a revolution for years.

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And for the first time, non—Native American communities were listening.

Immerse yourself in the era of Breughel thanks to a themed tour.

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But that's a small detail.

We know where Molly Ringwald's Andie is coming from.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Only taxis with the official sign of the Brussels Region are allowed to pick you up unless you have made a reservation.

Forward-wind 13 years and Heckerling was back defining a later era:

Six events districts with venues of all sizes and styles, and all amenities within walking distance.

What three qualities most appeal to you about Brussels?