Would you rather question list.

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For A Girl. Here is a downloadable list of funny would you rather questions right click the image and select Save Image As…:. Some questions have an ethical bent and ask you to pick one value over another: My one student loves them so much, she has now written her own list of "Would You Rathers" for our school newspaper.

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Would you rather be an unknown minor league basketball player or a famous professional badminton star?

Would you rather be a police officer or a doctor?
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Give up your salary for the next 5 years or give up everything you have saved up in your bank right now?

Would you rather go on vacation to a new country every summer vacation or get an extra three weeks of summer break?
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Would you rather every vegetable you eat taste like candy but still be healthy or all water you drink taste like a different delicious beverage every time you drink it?

Would you rather indian sex picture up each morning to find that a random animal appendage has replaced your non dominant arm or permanently replace your bottom half with an animal bottom of your choice?

Would you rather be able to change the color of your hair whenever you want or be able to change the length of your hair whenever you want?

Would you let greed take over?

LOVE this!!!

Would you rather go ice skating or tobogganing?

Teachermum, I love it when kids create their own.

They even work well for simply asking yourself.

Then ask students to share why they chose one option or another.

I'm really bummed.

Would you rather never be allowed to eat your five favorite foods for the rest of your life or be allowed to eat only your five favorite foods for the rest of your life?