Why the no contact rule works.

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Take the quiz. Having a no-contact period will give you perspective and clarity, and these two things give you power. Amor July 14, at

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I mean, going cold turkey is the only way to get over someone you love.

In these situations it may be more pragmatic to implement a limited form of No Contact, such that you give your ex maximum space, but communicate only as needed when non personal matters arise.
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Now he is happy with someone close to his age and he text me me mentioning a favorite memory and telling me he is happy.

The no contact rule gives you the space to see where things really went wrong, so you can know what to avoid in the future.
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Sorry so long!!

By Chris Seiter.

I have been following the no contact rule ever since the breakup happened.

How do I handle this?

I love him so much, he was my first love.

I believe he does not know how to love.

Kristi says:

You again:

The best way to disconnect emotionally and heal the hole in your heart is by avoiding your ex completely.

Advise, a word, somebody, tell me somethind.

I send my love to all the people who are hurting right now, the fact that there are so many people online talking about these issues should remind you that you are not alone and yes here comes the cliche.

He never called back.