Why do men enjoy sex more than women.

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But couples do not appear to have sex more or less frequently based on what time of the month it is. Kevin Lundeen May 9, at But more on that later. And I always will be.

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Maybe some combination of the two?

The most common female fantasies were:
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Only letters, numbers, periods and hyphens are allowed in screen names.

We hold on with the help of evolutionary psychology, a discipline whose central sexual theory comparing women and men--a theory that is thinly supported--permeates our consciousness and calms our fears.
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Women want sex far more than we've been allowed to believe.

For a guy, missionary is basically a minute plank with random push-ups thrown in for good measure.

She's simply the best!

The pain associated with improperly piercing the anal sphincter is severe.

But monogamy is a cultural constraint aimed at protecting the natural result of sex--namely, children.

In fact, researchers used MRI imaging to confirm female orgasm with nipple stimulation.

Murphy says if your sex drive does suddenly drop, you need to look at lifestyle, stress levels, zest for life, physical health and mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

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We have it for love, for commitment and for physical gratification.

Then came the pill in the s, and, depending on who you ask, open season has never quite gone away.