Whisper in ear during sex.

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Who would not want to hear that they look tight and toned? Do you say sexy things to your man during intimate times? Kiss her wherever she wants to because she is going to love your care.

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Men love compliments too!

Call it narcissistic if you wish, but the pleasure sensors of women are immediately driven to the max as soon as they feel wanted.
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But dirty talk can be difficult if you're not practiced at it.

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Try telling this to your man and watch him give his best shot at sex.

This is probably stating the obvious, but a guy really doesn't care all that much if your bra and panties match perfectly.

Similarly to the last word, putting all of the attention on her helps her feel sexy.

She no longer has to wonder if another woman turned you on in the first place.

You can even use it as reverse psychology.

This morning's sex tip is all about talking dirty.

So let the following 15 dirty talk suggestions inspire you.

Telling your woman that you love it when she moans means you love it when you watch her enjoy sex.

However, it is a little more discreet when a woman is aroused.

Not sure how to approach dirty talk?

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Letting a woman know how she is making you feel helps her understand that you desire her, and only her.

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