When do you know your ready for sex.

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You should never give in to peer pressure, and remember you can always say no. You've Got a Plan. When you fully trust your partner, feel comfortable in your surroundings, and feel totally empowered in your decision, sex can be a source of joy and pleasure.

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If that scares you or grosses you out, you're probably not ready yet.

Remember, you will never forget the first time you have sexual intercourse.

After a few drinks, you're more likely to lose your judgement and may do things you wouldn't do normally.

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Still, it's not a decision to be made lightly.

Try not to latch onto wanting a boyfriend or girlfriend until you can put a name to the idea.

Take a step back.

Curiosity about sex is natural.

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Visit your local doctor, community contraceptive clinic, sexual health clinic, or young persons' clinic.

Never pressure anyone.