What sign is most compatible with taurus female.

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How Compatible Are You? Levelheaded most of the time, the Taurus woman rarely lets her emotions erupt, but when she does, watch out! Taurus man May 22,

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Taurus and the Leo man are opposites in nearly every respect, making this unlikely pairing more quarrelsome than most are willing to endure.

Each forum therefore tends to have a fairly consistent trend to the comments.
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Traits of a Leo Man.

Her partner needs to have an appreciation for all art forms.
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The bull might not be very patient with Virgo's tenacious need for neatness and order, but he will certainly allow Virgo the luxury of flexing his perfectionist muscles whenever he desires.

She is loyal to family members but will go her own way in certain areas if it suits her purpose.

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They represent the basic masculine and feminine principle

Taurus women have many fond memories of their childhood and often carry on many of the traditions of their family.

Taurus' knowledge is based on her desire to intertwine her life with the world and be as much a part of it as the grass and trees outside her bedroom window.

A Taurus woman has certain priorities she seeks in a potential mate and, like the proverbial mountain that doesn't go to anyone, she won't budge on her must have list.

She is driven by material comforts, not because she is a total materialistic person, but because she thinks it is indispensable for a good life.

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