What is the superstition about itchy palms.

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I grew up hearing this — and so far it has been accurate: It happens before my check arrival.

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I am female.

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What does superstition say about that?!

And vice versa.
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I also feel a very strong tie to India.

Others believe the same thing, but with left and right reversed.

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It's always been my understanding that your dominate hand is outgoing energy flow and your passive hand, incoming energy flow.

If I was woman paying Child support it would be my left hand itching.

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If both your palms itch together, put them into your pockets and then scratch them.

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Left Eye Twitching Superstition.

Homeschool Blog.

Sometimes the itching is so intense that you could scratch till you hit blood.

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Before recieving the letter I had a aurgument on the day after the itching, Sunday, with my wife about it, as she said it meant I was getting money.

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