What does my voice really sound like.

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What are you wondering?

Don't expect to like the sound of your voice.
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The back of the throat needs to be open as we speak.

What we hear when we speak or sing is not our true sound.
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I want to socialize more but I need some help.

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I can do that!

Thanks for being here and sing with joy!

You heard right!

I don't sound like that.

You're just the person I write these types of articles for.

Do not stop singing just because you don't like your voice and accent.

For that, Beatty suggests using two file folders or magazines, or a few pieces of paperand placing them in front of your ears, sticking out from the side xxx sex bollywood actress your head.

It could be that you need to love yourself more and then you'll love your voice.

Isabelle B.

The bones in your skull can feel those vibrations too.

Your skull is effectively a subwoofer for your voice, turning your David Beckham into the low James Earl Jones you know and love.

So with that said, just let me know and I will comp you some lessons.

I've provided this helpful hub for learning how to use the diaphragm for breathing.

How can I fix my nasal singing?

Abi and Emma Aug 22,

This is the way to feel self-love.