What are some kissing games.

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This will help players catalog future likes and dislikes of special spots. You must barely touch lips and stay locked in eye contact. Are you quick enough?

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You'll need at least six people to play, preferably an even split of guys and ladies.

Don't take the game too seriously, however.
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The game continues till the apple falls or till there is nothing left of the fruit, after which you can end it by a long smooch.
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It is also fun to set up two people whom you think already have a crush on each other.

The intimacy level involved may range from quick pecks on the cheek or lips to full making out sessions.

Linda and her groom are together at last and want to live in this moment forever.

Then pass it to them using only your mouth.

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The Equestria Girls are having sneaky fun!

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The participants take turns kissing the guesser and the guesser tries to determine who kissed them based on the kiss.

Eye Contact.

Can you help them sneak a few smooches without being discovered in this Christmas game for girls?