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As the weather heats up, it's natural to take a lot of your indoor activities outside. But, you also want protection from pregnancy and STDs.

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These tears provide a direct route for infections.

Infants can get thrush from their mothers while breastfeeding.
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Women woke up one day to find that their husbands voted for Donald Trump and their sons have been shitposting on incel boards.

These birth control methods include:.

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Yeast infection sores are uncommon, but they can occur from a yeast rash or other skin condition.

But Theo is different, both because he has a scaly tail instead of legs, and because he proclaims to be devoted to her and her pleasure.

Water can wash away your natural lubrication.

This can cause the condom to dry out during underwater sex.

This story is a seductive one, especially to straight women who yearn to get outside of the oppressive structures and expectations of their dating realm.

This does not mean male condoms made of polyurethane are good to use for underwater sex.

Traveling to romantic places may bring out your more adventurous side.

Condoms can function A-OK in the water, so use them if you need to.

You may already have some of these home remedies for….

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