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BBC News. Writing in Spanish littered with errors, the murderer whines about conditions in the jail, saying there is no water or electricity, inmates are locked up in their cells 24 hours a day, and food is not even heated up before being served to prisoners. Journalists Lisa Pulitzer and Cole Thompson, in their new examination of his life, have their own label:

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On the hotel's surveillance camera, van der Sloot is seen picking up a key at the front desk with Flores behind him.

Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents.

On May 30,members of the senior class of a Birmingham, Ala.

Then, according to Van der Sloot, Daury volunteered to load her on a boat, and he dumped Natalee's body into the sea.

Van der Sloot bragged that he could consume a case of beer and 20 to 30 shots of whiskey before getting drunk.

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Aruba Police Force.

Aruba Police Department photograph of Van der Sloot,

Joran van der Sloot remains in prison for the Stephany Flores murder.

When I saw him he was pale and about to pass out.

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Three hours later, van der Sloot is seen in a different shirt, apparently locked out of his room.

Leidy believes Van der Sloot when he claims he had 'no responsibility' for the death of US student Natalee Holloway left in Aruba in

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