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Probably a long while. In a blog post this week, Tumblr acknowledged the transition had been rocky and vowed to improve its systems. However, we can learn something even more fundamentally important by speaking to these groups.

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A Reddit thread with hundreds of comments offered up Tumblr alternatives such as Patreon, a sort of freelancing site that lets users paywall their work or ask for monetary tips.

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While many sex workers mentioned Reddit and Twitter as two popular alternatives, they lamented the platforms' lack of community and sex-positive culture.
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Tumblr communities raised alarms about the groups, Wheaton said, but Tumblr turned on its core instead.

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On Monday, the first of the flagged content was taken down.

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The thing is, while foot fetish content can conform to more typical notions of what is NSFW yes, foot jobs are a thingit can also take the form of tickling videos, or pics of feet in their various guises.

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Twitter's media policies allow for adult content in most use cases, but it's not permitted in live video, profile or header images.

The pair actually met two years ago via the Tumblr feetish community, and instantly connected over their shared interests — sexual and otherwise.

The posts that were removed from her blog showed fully clothed, mainstream celebrities.

Now, with a strict and poorly executed ban on adult content, Tumblr is alienating power users and pushing some to other sites.