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Jury at impasse in Arias case; judge says keep going". After finding a key to Alexander's master bedroom, his friends entered and found large pools of blood in the hallway to the master bathroom, where his body was discovered in the shower. She told him she had cut her hands on broken glass while working at a restaurant called Margaritaville. Sign Up.

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If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

Nurmi had asked the high court to throw out the aggravating factor of cruelty because the judge had allowed it to go forward based on a different theory of how the murder occurred.
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She also accessed Alexander's cell phone voice mail system.

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Two years after her arrest, Arias told police that she killed Alexander in self-defenseclaiming that she had been a victim of domestic violence.

May 1,

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Stephens denied the request, read additional instructions to the jury, and ordered them to resume deliberations.

The day before the filing, the witness contacted counsel for Arias, stating that she was no longer willing to testify due to these threats.

PHOENIX, Arizona -- The sexual undertone of the Jodi Arias penalty retrial surfaced early on day one, when Arias' defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, warned jurors during opening arguments that they would see "sexually graphic" evidence during the trial.

Jan Brewer thinks Jodi Arias is guilty".

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The relationship, the relationship of chaos, that ended in chaos as well.

We're charged with presuming innocence, right?

Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott, who argued that Alexander's death was a justifiable homicide committed in self-defense.

The drivers license Jodi Arias presented when she rented a car prior to Travis Alexander's murder.