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There can be the risk of STDs, as well. If you can't find any concrete evidence, examine their social media content to see if they are posting anything inappropriate that might give you a hint about their sexual activity.

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Harvard University Press,

There is a much higher chance, as well as a lower chance of carrying a child full term.
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For example, some teens may want to wait until they are older adults ; other teens may want to wait until they feel their relationship is ready.

Encourage a sense of pride.

Your teenager may be confused about their sexuality and feelings.

Being nervous can cause you to clench up your muscles, and if you and your partner haven't worked up to intercourse by making out and touching each other a lot first, your body won't be aroused—and that can make things pretty uncomfortable.

Drugs, Sex, and Integrity:

To find the answer, you can ask them about their sexual behavior, recognize signs of sexual activity, and be more involved in their life on a regular basis.

Don't buy or use expired condoms.

The numerous and various apps and social networking sites available today give teenagers more access to sexual content.

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People who pressure others into having sex are only looking to satisfy their own feelings and urges about sex.

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