The gemini woman in love.

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Use your heads people lol. As THE flirt of flirts, these beautiful goddesses will not be left in a corner for long. For her, material values are not as important as the mind of a man, his versatile views, the ability to bring to the relationship an element of novelty, impressions.

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Im right now with a Capricorn man.

Friendship is an 11th House relationship, and the 11th House from Gemini is Aries.
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It is peculiar to constantly change, be different.

She is unbearable life without communication and impressions.
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Thus, it strives to create the necessary atmosphere of novelty.

Gemini women can have extremely flirtatious characteristics, often with a bevy of suitors sending them messages and keeping them mentally impassioned with lots of frisky interaction.

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Essentials On Gemini In Bed.

The reason?

If you do agree with her, she probably will switch to the opposite side of the debate.

If she gives you her love, you KNOW that it's true.

Gemini women are famous for being flighty and always looking for something new and interesting to do.

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While Gemini women like most games, they tend not enjoy games such as chess, which involve long periods of intense concentration.

I am Capricorn man, I will never date a Gemini woman, they are cheaters.

A Gemini woman is generally eager to move on to the next person.

It might make her feel safe for a while, but in time she will feel like going crazy if the same dating scenario keeps repeating.

Best to let her figure out what she wants, without trying to provide the answer for her.

Friendship is an 11th House relationship, and the 11th House from Gemini is Aries.

It is in vain to expect that a Gemini woman in a marriage is limited only to household chores.