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Nick that's his name was really sweet Obviously, it was something I'd built up. We are still having sex, 6 years later, and I've never had better than him.

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Even though we don't talk anymore, I do wish that she had known that she was my first because that's a special, mutual connection that I can't have with anybody else.

It was completely unromantic but he was totally into it and then neither of us orgasmed because I didn't need us to orgasm in order to get the Diva cup in.
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He climbed over me and we made eye contact.

In high school I felt like the only virgin around.
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Senior year during spring break, one of my friends went on vacation with his family and asked me to house-sit.

I masturbated all the time, in the morning, after school, at night, I even locked myself in a plane bathroom and fingered myself.

I rode him until he flipped me over and slammed into me.

She started to stroke me as I had done before, and within a couple of minutes I was spurting more come all over my belly.

HBO Losing your virginity is a big deal.

That was until the day I had a very erotic dream, a dream that I simply couldn't get out of my mind.

Her hair had been washed, conditioned, dried, and brushed until it shone.

I am about five-and-a-half-foot tall, slim, with lots of dark hair and hazel eyes.

It was heaven that form in that lighting, above me, about to take me.

He invited me over one day after school while his parents weren't home.

We both felt bad when we left because we left the room a mess.

After some extensive Googling, I realized that when women are on top it gives them more control during sex.

I stopped having to cringe with pain and began to pant, he was making me so hot.

I was grabbing handfuls of his hair and groaning.

Things got better later of course.

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He didn't use the bottom, the bottom was removed for space.

Well, I accidentally slipped my hand inside her panties instead and she let out a gasp.