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For me, a pimp is someone who takes your money, who abuses you and forces you to prostitute yourself. Only Ones.

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One condition is of course that you yourself choose to be there; otherwise my argument does not apply.
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They made porn movies, sold them and used the profits to try and save nature.
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The Immoral Traffic Prevention Act,as amended inprovides for the rehabilitation for sex workers.

The possibility of being coerced into a job violently or economically is real, as much for hookers as for children in sweat shops.

As a prostitute the ING is the only bank which provides me a private bank account.

Mariska Majoor and her daughter in Budapest to work on their new project.

In fact, people who are out of work are paid benefits in The Netherlands.

Why did you become a prostitute?

No, not always.

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A number of NGOs are working in the area of rehabilitating sex workers.

There is nothing wrong with sex work, but sex remains an intimate affair that you should never go against your will; unless you have a very good reason or purpose.