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The more fit, attractive a man is, the less he gets along with women. It can be hard to take advantage of oxytocin with casual sex because you need to cultivate an emotional bond in order for it to work. Until Stephen Curry finds a better defensive rhythm, he will never be in the same stratosphere as Michael Jordan or other two-way players. Anonymous 4.

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You need to find someone you are sexually compatabable wit bro cant spell this morning.
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This is about tuning into what you most want or need, and savoring that moment for what it is.

When I finally did have sex for the first time, the condom got oregon sex partys inside of me, and we spent 20 minutes trying to fish it out as he got soft and I wanted to die of embarrassment.

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I want the whole PIE.

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I want the i ntellectual and the e motional too.

Stay present.

Good enough sex is fun, it feels good, it teaches you something, it brings you together in some way.

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Good Lord!

The mouse Utopia experiment is a perfect example of this.

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