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There is federal legislation with some language about promoting and protecting the rights of each resident, but it seems such rights are open for interpretation. Martin Yates 04 Dec 3: Supply the comical engine noises?

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He later spoke about the findings at an industry conference, asking an audience of more than people if sex was going on in their nursing homes.

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My mother's response was to freeze in place like a cartoon character, then slowly back out of the room.

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If asshole son parody live in a nursing home, an everyday part of your life is seeing others die -- and unfortunately, "peacefully in his sleep" is about as common a cause as it is on Game of Thrones.

And believe me, you do not want to know what happens to ancient junk when it doesn't get a good soaking.

Here are some prime examples of serious senioritis.

Even the world condition seems to be drawing people together.

CareLinx Members save on in-home caregiving services.

Are people able to consent to sex if they can't balance a checkbook, or if they can barely speak?

In the end, she wouldn't talk too much except to say "oh, I love you, I do" while shuffling around the unit.

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Until, that is, the staff found him in his new girlfriend's bed, naked and erect.

Her nurses and aides at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale did not try to stop her.

For instance, our other source, James, worked in a secure lockup -- meaning everyone there is mentally incompetent and in any couple, one party is even less competent than the other.

When the nurse asked Mr.