Sex crimes in belize.

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Its as if it was just a transit stop or something. I wish we could ban you from ever coming back to our wonderful city and country.

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I remember one of my aunt that lives in NY use to tell me that when people would ask where Belize is,she refused to tell them because in her mind,they would go to her country and ruin it.

I agree that many crimes have happened there but its just like going to other countries where there are the areas with drugs,slums etc.
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Bz is one, if not my favorite place on earth that i will definitely return to before i take a dirt nap.

The first Crime and Violence repository where you will find a wealth of information on crime in Belize, the region and the world.
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For a third world country I know we have a lot to offer hence totalhentai reason this futile discussion on all the negative things about my country.

BZ city at night is foolish.

And in Miami, if you have a big ass, they shout at you:

You just need 2 things a friend s and common sense.

April 13,

Its because you did not take the time to look at a visitors map prior to your visit and expected that things would have been layed out for you.

Shit happens no matter where you go,whether its in America or in a third world country.

Chiquin and the mother got into a heated exchange of words after he exposed himself to the teen girl.

I hope that anyone wishing to travel here does not write it off based on this article, and without doing the proper research and planning.

Now, almost everyone in Belize has a close friend or family member who died due to drug related violence.

My favorite dive site I have ever done was in Belize, so beautiful.

That is unheard of for pharmacies in North America.