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Ask Annalisa Barbieri My dying grandfather has confessed to a string of affairs and a love child.

Being curious is also always a good look.
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Just find an excuse to get past the awkward intro and into a conversation.

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For many women, the swinging decade was a grim affair.

You don't have to like chocolate ice cream.

I am not capable of being shocked by any aspect of anybody's sexual life.

Self-education, y'all.

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You're Not Going to Die Alone.

Either way, the worst thing anyone can really say about you is that you made a play for a guy and it didn't pan out.

It may have worked for Dan Savage, but so far in my experience, the men who have been so adamant about me not writing about them have been controlling.

Some tips for when the time is right.

I asked her if she had any advice to guide my writing.

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Because the hallmark of sex, even in , is silence.

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You can enjoy being submissive or tied up or beaten or beating , and be a completely whole, rounded, moral human being.