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User Reviews. Doctors familiar with local practices all emphasised the importance of improving knowledge about sex to counter an industry based around virginity restoration.

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The dirt floor is covered with cigarette butts, used condoms and Freedent gum wrappers.
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But one clinic, Victoria International Hospital in Tuol Kork, has not shied away from public discussion of its practice, causing controversy in the process.

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After years if trying to eradicate prostitution, the Cambodian government decided to set up a regulated red light district so that prostitution could be taxed.

As a sideline, she also serves as a referral agent for various surgical cosmetic procedures:

You can spot vulnerable people simply by their facial expressions.

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Gay rights is not a major issue in Cambodia, and Hun Sen seemed to have been inspired by discussions of the subject on International Human Rights Day on Monday, including on local television.

Kosal had begun suffering from abdominal pains while at the brothel, and by the time she returned to Cambodia she was severely ill.

Many Asian men believe that obtaining a virgin girl for sex will grant them extra health and luck.

When girls get high, she explains, they sometimes engage in self-mutilation.

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Doctors say that hymenoplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure, involving just a few stitches.

Although there are lot of foreign men running around.

The Cambodia Daily's goal is to produce more independent reporting on the news and events that affect the daily lives of Cambodians.

The customer orders a girl by number, and the manager delivers her a moment later to a private room.

Brothels and sex workers are common sights.

The dirt floor is covered with cigarette butts, used condoms and Freedent gum wrappers.

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