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I mindlessly watched the next couple of waves. Surf contests are basically impossible for the uninitiated to watch. He can use his hands to stimulate her clit and her anus. The plunger slowly rises, improbably, perhaps twelve feet out of the water, while its hoist machinery strains and belches white smoke.

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Surfers spend much of their lives looking for high-quality waves.

They massage each other with ice cubes to quench their fiery passion for just a moment.
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Breaking waves in the ocean are fleeting, complex events, each one unique.

She straddles him holding on to his neck, and he braces himself for the ride.
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This double-entry position provides bonus pleasure for both lovers.

Mixed martial arts is a multibillion-dollar business.

This allows for maximum clitoral stimulation.

He chooses to take her from behind, holding her firmly, telling her hes in charge.

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Shes under the desk, bringing the project to its climactic conclusion.

In the barrel sections, the top guys all seemed to ride equally well.

She then rocks back and forth while on top.

A few years later, he returned to full-time competition and won five more world titles.

This second orgasm is achieved so quickly by " riding the wave " of the first orgasm.

By William Finnegan.

She then rocks back and forth while on top.