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Here are the best chick flicks and best rom coms to snuggle up with. Because he likes tea bags very much! There are only two instances when she was filmed in other colors.

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On not having the money for a deposit to buy back her apartment from Aidan after they split:

You'll see this dress absolutely everywhere this summer and it's from one of our favourite high street stores!
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Yoshi's real name is T.
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Carrie and The Russian Appreciation Thread 3:

Why this version in particular?

I have a child.

The Halloween before last, Dan Clay went out in an outfit that changed his life.

If you recall, her old phone was thrown into the ocean during her honeymoon disaster down in Mexico.

Candace Bushnell, author of the original New York Observer columns, admitted as much in a Guardian interview last year:

Is it time to stop questioning?

Only copies were made, and this version of the game is vastly different than the original, like it's inclusion of a feature that allows you to learn how to bake the cookies from the game in real life.

How your favourite sequin dresses are actually destroying the planet Party season guilt

Victoria Beckham was supposed to have a cameo.

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is a huge adjustment for anyone, but for Carrie it's a death sentence.

What started as a passive-aggressive dig at his bosses ended up becoming Yoshi's signature style.