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My name is Derek Bloch, and I spent three years in Scientology's creepy space navy before abandoning ship. Nanci Hartland March 30, at Every man that performed sexual acts should be castrated. This is a cult and I don't understand why they arn't treated as such.

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We then talked for hours in my car.

These same beliefs form the basis for Hubbard's " Silent birth " doctrine, which dictates that no words are spoken during the childbirth process.
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No, they don't look awesome nowbut when I was a kid, these guys were like the Power Rangers to me.

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The recruiting process lasted about two years.

He did it for five to ten minutes and then stopped after he realized that he was hurting it.

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I asked her what happened, but she said, that she could not tell me.

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Gabriel was a Scientology staff member at the org in Mountain View, and because of "high production" as reflected by his "statistics," meant that he made Scientology a lot of money.

After Anne Archer, a leading Scientologist and the actress whose bunny got boiled in Fatal Attraction, and I clashed when she asked me:

Theft of personal belongings was rampant across the Sea Org; deodorant and floss were to us what cigarettes are to prison inmates.

Men in dark glasses recording your every move.

Ha, kidding, of course:

Several factors explain the underreporting of sexual exploitation and abuse:

They are apart of the real world and should stand up for those in their "religion" who are being subjected to these abuses!

Then she started to cry, very hard, for a very long time, and kept talking but I could not understand what she was saying.

The Sea Org is always on the lookout for the young and able-bodied.