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However, if you amateur butt booty see anything you like online, you can always fill in a short enquiry form for one of our expert staff to do more searching for you!

Most of the cheap number plates we have advertised are held on retention certificates for easy transfer, so we can usually have your reg plates changed over the same day.
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Many customers are looking for either a cover plate or just a low cost registration in general.

The registration you are looking for BY is not currently available for sale.
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PrimoRegistrations sell registrations owned by ourselves, our clients, and unissued government stock.

Speedy Reg operates so smoothly, we do tend to have a little extra time on our hands.

Important Note:

As the leading seller of DVLA number plates, we can help you with everything from buying and selling registration plates, to even helping you create the ideal reg plate.

The ultimate user experience of the largest UK salelist.

Our aim is to offer distinctive registrations at the best possible prices, with high quality customer service, and our Price Match service allows us to match the price of your desired plate if it is advertised at a lower price elsewhere.

Speedy Veg from Speedy Reg We can sell numb We can sell number plates pretty much with our eyes closed.

Issued between 1st August and 31st August , prefix style number plates are more expensive than current style number plates, especially those with lower digits such as 1 to 9, and those with earlier prefixes such as A and D, which are harder to acquire.


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Unfortunately, these number plates cannot be assigned to some older vehicles, so keep that in mind.

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Choose from options such as dashed, dotted and solid to place a border around your reg.

They are also in good supply and this keeps their prices cheaper.

Car theft highlights need for security A car theft in Southend has highlighted the great importance of vehicle security

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