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Cleared for magazines, calendars, underwear and clothing catalogs.

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I soon had photographers asking to shoot me and agencies asking to sign me.

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Even if the figure has not ordinary shapes, it must be well-groomed, toned, athletic and very feminine.

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Plus size models present new collections on the most famous shows, starring in commercials and participate in photo shoots for the most glamour magazines.

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Check out another plus-sized model here whose photos are too hot to handle.

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Transparent Black and white.

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She is best known as one of three cover models of Vogue Italia's June issue, the second plus-size model to cover Elle France, the first plus-size model to be shot for Australian Sex game questionare and GQ Australia and the first Australian plus size model to be on the cover of Australia Cosmopolitan.

The models must possess either a natural beauty and inner attractiveness in order to get balanced and radiate happiness.

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Thanks to the models with voluminous measurements the designers are now more free in her work.