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Erik, please, I could not bear to give you more sorrows. NC Spoilers: He placed a finger on his lips as her startled expression.

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He still had not removed his mask.

I was trying to remember if there actually is any buttsecks in the book….
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It wouldn't hurt, Erik mused.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support.
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Of course.

Elyssa says:

It was nothing but BDSM sex, twisting our beloved Phantom into a sex fiend who wanted nothing more to do NON erotic but only hard, cold sexual things to Christine, there was NO love, NO chat room for over 50 hard core, not written well, sex, nothing but crude and unrealistic sex.

The author attempts a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera without actually reading it.

Erik sighed.

This book was very good, but there is alot of sex and sexual relations.

He was humbled by the light in her blue gaze, sure he had done nothing to deserve its brilliance, and yet he still felt compelled to ask before he dared to move onward, "Will you do as I say?

Taking care to straighten her posture before moving, Erik slipped from behind her as smoothly as an eel, his voice trilling scales effortlessly up and down, up and down, lighter than the steps of the opera's most agile ballerinas.

And in truth, he didn't.

It saddens me a bit that a number of reviewers seem to only think of kink as something cold and unemotional.

Very attractive, with his piercing blue eyes and well-formed cheekbones….

Please…" and he gestured for her to continue.

Erik grinned.

Their crucifixes.

All across the lake he could hear the music echoing from his house—a bad, stumbling rendition of Mozart's Requiemplayed in a ghastly G major.

She later took his virginity by force, climbing onto his lap and forcing herself on top of him.

Christine breathed, and as she did, her lips parted a little.

Loved it.