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In response, we can point to the many ills of Western society and argue for regime change too. None of the participants refused to participate in the study. But in Tehran, being a virgin does not mean that Tahmineh has not had sex.

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Several translated article from Persian publications have been posted in this index to show that these topics are discussed.

Development in midlife.
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Purposeful sampling with a maximum variation in terms of age, education and economic status was performed.

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Increases in oral and anal sexual exposure among youth attending sexually transmitted diseases clinics in Baltimore, Maryland.

All of the interviews were done by the main investigator who is a female PhD candidate of Reproductive Health.

Sexual health in older women.

Tahmineh credits her time at university as the experience that changed her perception of sex and morality.

Between a rock and a hard place.

In a suburb of eastern Tehran, a mullah does swift business issuing temporary marriage certificates to young unmarried couples wanting to go on holiday together a marriage certificate is needed in order to share a hotel room and couples wanting to live together but not commit to marriage.

Zahra lost her virginity a few years ago and has had two serious relationships.

Estimated Rates and Correlates - Guttmacher Org.

N Engl J Med.

Credibility was increased by providing a detailed description about the participants, data analysis and results, using face-to face interviews, sampling via the assistance of four midwives in order to choose informed participants.