Period for a month and a half.

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There are several reasons you may experience lengthy spotting if you use hormonal contraception. The downside is an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. Women commonly experience heavy bleeding during perimenopause.

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It must be overwhelming to be bleeding bright red daily.

Fibroids are usually not cancerous but can cause bleeding, especially heavy menstrual bleeding.
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Or, you could have a condition called adenomyosis, in which lining tissue lodges in the muscle wall of the uterus and blood may leak out between periods.

And it does that again and again and again until menopause.

Vaginal bleeding for three continual months is atypical and a good indicator that it's time to see a health care provider.

Bleeding in early pregnancy may be the sign of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

It often looks like - as the name suggests - small spots of pink or….

Please note:

Hormone-related effects may include irregular bleeding which usually gets better over time and breast tenderness.

And sometimes it is improbable, and an irregular period happens.

PCOS also wreaks havoc on hormone levels, causing weight gain, excess hair growth, and yes, prolonged periods, Toth says.

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This small, butterfly-shaped gland sits just in front of the throat and controls functions, such as body temperature and metabolism.

The causes can range in severity and may result in a variety of treatment outcomes.

Spotting may occur sporadically throughout the month, or you may have daily spotting.

Bleeding disorders in women.

And hormone shifts often explain spotting between periods.

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Perimenopause often starts between ages 45 and

What is spotting?