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To be honest a sexual bet should never ever have a "looser", but you need a winner and a looser of the actual bet, otherwise it would defeat the entire concept. In case you need further convincing, here are 12 incredibly compelling arguments to never go down on another guy again.

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The hardest thing to do is often the right thing to do.

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Oral Sex Positions For Fellatio 1.

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We all know the classic 69 position, but very few people can actually reach orgasm in this position.

Skip the blow job and go straight to sex — something you can both enjoy.

Why on earth would you want to sex in raincoats home and deal with this exhausting side hustle his penis in your mouth when you already work so hard at your actual job all day?

The hardest thing to do is often the right thing to do.

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So I try to make BJ for massage bets at every opportunity!

Unless I pick the winner.

You would , but you just brushed your teeth and don't really want to put anything else in your mouth.

You can experiment with a few modifications to make this classic oral sex position even more pleasurable.

Me never serious bout the post, but me like the excitement and have a feeling say it woulda go viral," he said.

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After we set sexy terms, we look up the answer on the smart phone.