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Journal of Interpersonal Violence , 17, — Follow-up data from 4, sexual offenders.

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Behavioural Sciences and the Law, 18, —
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Child molesters will also target kids who are loners, or who look troubled or neglected.

A Journal of Research and Treatment, 8 , 27—

The bottom line is that none of these variables really shed any light on who is more likely to be a sex offender with the possible exception of gender.

Characterized by Groth's anger-retaliation rapist, Ramirez, Jeglic and Calkins examined the relationship between pervasive anger and the use of physical and verbal aggression including use of a weapon during a sexual offense.

Model of problematic Internet use in people with a sexual interest in children.

The fourth group was classified as late onset accelerators 8 percent.

Levenson, J.

The self-regulation model SRM summarizes the offense process by examining situational precipitants e.

Journal Information.

Gut feelings are rarely wrong.

Future research should differentiate between those who view pornography and later commit sexual abuse from those who use pornography as a supplement to or a substitute for sexual contact.

The self-regulation and good lives models: