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He said things he missed me and hoped we couls continue, but we just cant. Without my soulmate. Instead of being upset that you stayed out later than planned on Friday night, they may shrug it off.

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Kelly Gonsalves.

Is that how you always imagined your husband would treat you?
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Now I realized that our relationship fell apart because of all the circumstances, but he is not sure whether he loves me… What should I do?

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When she wanted to end her marriages, nothing could make her stay.

Simple questions get short or harsh responses.

We met on a dating site.

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His family comes from India, but he was born in Austria.

Try not to be too judgmental.

Buy he didnt said it to me directly.

If your partner avoids eye contact and speaks at an unusual pitch, they could be hiding something from you.

Answer I was going to pick them up, you can go get them I will wait.

As soon as i open my mouth and tell him what i think he needs to change you wont believe the responses i get.

Beautiful blue eyes very handsome and just amazing.

Sometimes I asked if everything was just a lie or if he got an amnesia.