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I tell him it's about him, the star player of the team. Here's what you're missing out on!

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Feeling that he was about to cum, Sasuke started pumping Naruto's neglected member in sync with his thrusts.

Naruto's prostate was fully aroused.
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Once they had regained their breaths and steadied their heartbeats back to normal.

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Drama,Erotica,Romance - Characters:

Naruto's eyes glossed over with lust and desire when he saw Sasuke's erection.

Naruto scribbled something and went to put it back, but the action piqued the Uchiha's interest.

Sasuke moaned at the incredible tightness he was barely halfway inside Naruto and already his entrance was clamping down on his member.

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We are alone in the empty locker room.

Sasuke realized that Naruto tensed up and knew it would hurt the blond if he didn't relax, so he pumped the blond's member a few times.

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Also he was scared that Itachi was going to tell their parents about him and Sasuke but to his surprise Itachi didn't.

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I needed to think now, before my brain completely busts and I am unable to sum up the right words, or create a believable lie.

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Instead I create an illusion with me at the age I am now, only Naruto is his immature sixteen year old self, dressed in his messy uniform after winning a match against a rival school.

Taking Naruto's member into his mouth, sucking harder and harder with every inch he took into his mouth; humming softly, sending vibrations causing Naruto to buck his hips upward.

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I don't feel the need to tell him, he doesn't need to know about my personal life.

I pout out of pure irritation, the feeling of being embarrassed still running through me.