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He gently slid a finger into my ass and it felt amazing, I moaned in total ecstasy and I bit my lip. Forgot your password? There were never candles in porn! Or at the very least I wish it had been someone who cared if I had an orgasm or not.

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We weren't exactly sure what we were doing.

Yes I was young, but I was with someone I really cared about and who I am still good friends with today.
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And this is my story how I lost my virginity to a guy in my life… Brief introduction about me My vital stats 34 28 36… I am very chabby in appearance.

The story im about to describe happened few years back and it was my first sex with my gf.
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I live in a commuter village to the south of the Midlands, here in the UK.

I watched Melina Salonika study her naked reflection, inspecting her so-called imperfections.

Makes me shine.

I am about five-and-a-half-foot tall, slim, with lots of dark hair and hazel eyes.

If anything you are gaining something—pleasure, experience, love, etc.

This happened about… Read More.

Your first time having sex is definitely not your only time having sex, and as you have more sex you will learn what you enjoy and have better experiences.

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If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help but smile….

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But then they broke up.

No peen was gonna pass.

It was mind blowing.

Due to my parents high conservative nature, I wasnt allowed to talk to any boys or to make friendship with the boys… That was one of reasons I was put in a girls school.