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According to court documents, Amanda Eckblad, 22, has been accused of having sex with a year-old boy and recording cell phone video of the encounter.

However it seems that the actress's confidence doesn't quite match that of her on-screen persona.
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Convincing as this looks, actress Angela Griffin was filming a scene for upcoming comedy drama Mount Pleasant.
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The actress tweeted:

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Shirley Valentine actress Pauline Collins is also in the show, which starts later this month.

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We soon had a massive audience - and got a round of applause after the first take.

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During the course of the police investigation, officers reported searching Eckblad's cell phone, only to find a video of Eckblad engaging in sexual intercourse on March


According to the criminal complaint, investigators were able to identify Eckblad in the video which showed her engaged in sexual intercourse with the boy.

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