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In at a literary awards ceremony, Murong Xuecun went on stage, made an imaginary zipping motion across his lips, and then exited the stage. I am always quick to point out that Lotus is purely a work of fiction, not based on personal experience.

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Another middle-aged sex worker had a grown-up daughter who was married.
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Most women come to prostitution through personal choice.

Imagine a young migrant laborer on a construction site who works long hours and barely leaves the site, where he probably lives too.
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Brand new skyscrapers and shopping malls, but silent streets and empty apartments.

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Dream of Ding Village was originally published in China, but then got banned.

The Chinese gaming industry is flourishing, but also highly controlled.

When she vomited, they made her eat her own vomit.

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She sounds like one, too.

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The player first enters the game as a detective who receives a mysterious letter inviting the player to investigate an abandoned estate and search for a missing girl.

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