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Cut down on the hours and spend more time with your friends and family by: There is nothing inevitable about premature male death. But what about when the kids leave home? One legal, one criminal Jane had two different experiences:

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Many men do not feel the intensity of symptoms that others do.

Britons work the longest hours in Europe, yet report the lowest levels of job satisfaction.
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More than half of respondents to a poll on Notmuch.

So your sex life may be changing — don't fight it, get used to it.
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Like tight skin and fashionable clothes, sex used to be the domain of the young.

If both surveys are right, is it all just down to attitude, and can changing your attitude change your sexual mojo?

How can I help myself?

Middle-aged men and women are at the peak of their intellectual abilities with people aged 40 to 60m performing better on tests than other age groups.

He's probably thinking, "Maybe I can make up for all the things I let slip by in my youth.

What are the main symptoms?

Relationships may also change, and are often adversely affected, especially when children leave the parental home.

But this symptom is easier to overcome as a couple than some of the others.

Sarah Hyland claps back at Twitter user who mockingly asked if the actress was bringing back 'the perm' after she stepped out with her natural curls My haven, Alison Jackson:

Regardless of the reasoning, a bored man wants to shake up his routine.

Expect your spouse to be short tempered and angry.

Sure they're cliche, but if these images leap to mind when you hear the words " midlife crisis ," you're not alone.

She becomes a bar-fly who comes in at 3:

Mid-life crisis FAQs Many fear a mid life crisis but there is a lot you can do to control these feelings.

Other men react this way because they have accomplished so many career goals that they wonder if there is anything left to do.

To complicate matters it is also at this time when a man comes face to face with the incremental loss of his youth and the vitality that he once had.

But if he seems to be struggling with his self-esteem or is generally unhappy, sex might become an additional burden to him.

The first thing we need to take on board, he says, is that humans are the only creatures on the planet who have a distinct middle age, as opposed to a gradual slide towards death.