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Instead, they could symbolize problems, desires, and hopes in all facets of your life. Nancy Irwin , to Bustle. You may be harboring a fear of being abandoned as well.

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Strangely enough, we continue to dream about our first loves, even if we've moved on into a happy marriage.
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Also, "even if you feel certain that this violation didn't occur in your current life, it can be helpful to understand your experience in the dream as a wound you are carrying," Vida adds.
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So a dream about having sex with your best friend's husband may have sexy vivica a fox to do with a general sense of guilt that you are experiencing about another situation, boundary violations or competition," said Jones.

Alas, it is not so.

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Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life , to Bustle over email, if you imagine your partner cheating, it could mean you're insecure in your relationship and should communicate your issues.

Did you get praise for completing a big project in your male-dominated office?

So don't freak out.

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Both men and women can have sex dreams about a same-sex friend for the same reasons:

Is your partner afraid of commitment?

This is a good indication that he or she has shown you a new side of themselves

A sexy dream about someone like the president could be a sign that you need to get better at "governing your own life and your affairs better," Loewenberg explains.

Sex dreams about your ex.

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Our dreams often provide us with "dress rehearsal" for a real-life situation to help us make better decisions in regards to it.

This can be for many reasons, such as longing for your own; or having problems with the one you are in.