Massage therapist touched my groin.

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I suggest that you find another RMT registered massage therapist. Others I liked much better — a couple good friends — but even some of them were just hopeless with the science curriculum, especially physiology and pathology. When you tip at restaurants, do you tip ,because it is expected, or do you tip because you want to be nice?

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First of all Tim you are correct no therapist is going to work on or uncomfortably close to your groin area.
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When you're lying on your front therefore avoiding eye contactsay something like 'so, that time when you were busier in my groin area, what was that about?

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Equally, if you consent to a specific treatment during one session, this does not mean that your massage therapist can assume you consent to the same treatment the next time, or any subsequent time.

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One of my massage therapy college classmates actually did this, and meant it, early in our first year of massage therapy college.

Even if you are giving less than a 24 hour notice, most therapists would rather lose the income from one session over getting sick for a couple days.

When you tip at restaurants, do you tip ,because it is expected, or do you tip because you want to be nice?

Why do people say "enjoy the food" and why should you then say thank you, it won't make the food taste better?

Never asked her about it or requested more.

One poor woman asked me for help with study methods.

After the session he looks at me with amassment.

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Or maybe she was testing for a positive reaction from me?