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God sees the heart. For this issue, the solution is to communicate and give it time. Thank you and God bless Reply. Moving in together is awesome because you get to see your partner so much more frequently.

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It is good you are fearful because you cannot say you are a believer and live in sin 1st John chapter 3.
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He has a lower sex drive than mebut it isn't substantially less unless he is under a lot of stress.

Whatever works for you and your partner is A-OK.
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Whether you're one month into a casual relationship or 10 years into a committed one, intimacy is fluid and personal.

We are all tempted, but we are carried along by our own lusts and temptations and cannot blame the devil for all our sin and temptation.

That sounds like a license to sin.

Is it a sign were not compatible?

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Only God can judge.

Graduate work at Moody Bible Institute.

Sure, some of those obstacles are annoying, but they often make sex feel more illicit and thrilling.

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Now things have evolved in a way that we need more space, and I'd say moving out has really helped the way we relate to each other physically and emotionally.