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No, love had nothing to do with this story. I have to admit there were elements view spoiler [vaginal sex after anal sex The Horny Leprechaun has the most 'forced' atmosphere of Nikita King's 'Horny' books ha ha horny books! Irish Holiday An Irish lass. Onto the second one

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This story is interesting because it's very witty and fun, but then it also gets dark and very dubious consent-y.
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I really think there will be a sequel just based on the last paragraph.
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He clearly saw a trash can in the hall, crumpled on the floor.

She continually wishes that she wasn't loving it, but, to her shame, she does.

Well the little man looked over and said "Do you like the look of this?

Amy almost said something more but both stood very quiet and still as the sound of the trash can rolling across the hall caught their attention.

The silence of the early hour and dim hallway made every word the little figure said seem more pronounced.

I shall say no more!

None supported Lenny as he stood alone faced with punishment most dire.

So when Karen finds the Leprechaun's gold, he gets a little pissed and demands payment for her attempted thievery.

We have to escape.

Looking something a bit off the wall?

Ok for a fast little read.

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Jun 04, Ela rated it liked it.

He looked down at Amy on her knees before him.