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And the fact it is foreign women makes the people in Vesterbro feel disconnected from their plight. However, it still remains a criminal offence to purchase sex from a minor under the age of 18, to own a brothel or to procure sex.

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Prostitutes work in a legal grey area:

Unhappiness a myth The Sexual Political Forum SPF — a group formed in by researchers, sexologists and artists with the shared opinion that all women, including foreign women, should have the authority over their sexuality outside the remit of state intervention — wants prostitution to be recognised as a legitimate profession.
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Though some of these are street prostitutes, the majority ply their trade using escort directories.
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The facilities include gloryholes, private porn cabins and dungeon.

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Michael Lodberg Olsen rests his buttocks on the board that serves as a bed in Sexelance, his mobile sanctuary for street sex workers, and begins rocking back and anna nicole shower sex, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

Hypocrisy remains Some critics are quick to point out that foreign prostitutes in Denmark are breaking the law by soliciting for sex.

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For several months after its launch, the Sexelance — a converted ambulance that aims to provide a safe chromosomes determining sex environment for street sex workers in Copenhagen's Vesterbro district — was struggling to attract both sex workers and their clients.

Olsen and his team decided to re-think the Sexelance, following suggestions provided by the street sex workers in the area.

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More of a brothel than a massage parlour, services extend beyond just a body rub.

It is illegal to create or promote contact between a prostitute and a customer and to rent out a hotel room if you know that it is meant for prostitution.

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