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It gives you a purpose for living in a weird way. Not in any shape or form. He also says there was a bigger picture to the story he was trying to tell. They're a group called The Sex Pistols, and I am surrounded by all of them

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It's what?

Temple Thurston , it was Granada TV's first venture into colour.
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Oh yeah.

But we had no intention of getting another singer.
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It was John just … We just was all drifting in different directions.

Me and him got along pretty good.

One time, me and him and one of the bodyguards that was assigned to be looking after us got into a fight at some bar in Texas or somewhere.

Most popular.

What strikes you about it when you listen to it now?

You could walk down the street in bondage pants or have your hair pink and no one would even look twice.

What a clever boy!

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I think Bob wanted to see if any magic was starting with it.

Sadly, as his career drifted, he let drink overwhelm his personality.

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But they're dead!