Icarly freddie and sam kissing.

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Instead, he smiles and says, "Better. Tech Time with Freddie! Freddie risks losing any remaining respect from his peers by wearing a Nug Nug costume to school just to annoy Sam. I'll never see you again, will I?

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Also, Sam looks at Freddie during most of the time during that part.

When Sam and Freddie first appear together, they immediately call each other by name, showing that they knew each other before iCarly.
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So, if you're curious to learn how Freddie felt about being kissed by Sam, and if you want to see more about that Sam and Freddie storyline, I think you're going to find the new season of iCarly very interesting.
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Careful, Sam, those are sharp!

This could show that Freddie is very strong like Sam.

So don't go thinking I'm gonna have to take-- [Gibby holds up the puppy and the puppy licks her nose] Aaaaaw!

Both Sam and Freddie say, "I know" at the same time when admiring the locker.

Sam lied to make Freddie happy and said he's not gullible and too smart for her.

Sam while Carly and Freddie are dancing.

Before taking the bacon from Freddie, Sam says, "Wow, Freddie, I never realized what a hot, handsome, hunk-a-boy you really are," even though she just wanted the bacon and Freddie doesn't seem to mind.

When Freddie tells the girls that Melanie and him kissed, Sam gets a little mad, hinting at jealousy.

He leaves, and Sam follows him.

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The fact that she admitted to the kiss only while under the influence of the "loopy gas" suggests that this was something she had a lot of conflicting emotions over.

It is notable to say that when observed, Sam didn't want to pull away at first, and only pulled away when Freddie nudged her off.

Sam is intently looking at Freddie as he is putting the hose in his pants.

After Sam sticks her spit-covered finger in Freddie's ear he says "And my hatred grows stronger.

Sam calls Freddie's social life a foul after he tells her it was a foul to knock their swords away.

It might be awkward to Creddie fans that Sam is sitting beside Freddie.

When Carly starts to call Sam, Freddie puts his hands on top of Carly's.

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