How to stop obsessive thoughts about a person.

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In healthy relationships, neither partner is limerent; they do not struggle with constant, unwanted thoughts about their partner. And, there is no point in doing step 5 unless you have gained greater clarity and taken ownership of your issue—making this about you, not the other person. But first, what exactly are obsessive thoughts? Get up at a different time, take a different route to work, eat new foods, listen to new music, add a new hobby to your routine, but whatever you do, change things.

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Eventually, going about your business like it's nothing to worry about will actually make it something to not worry about.

And instead of attending to yourself, you are using the other person—the target of your obsessive thinking—as a distraction to keep from attending to yourself.
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It can take several weeks for your medication to work.

If you stop fighting the thought and start experiencing it as often as possible on purpose, the thought will eventually become less stressful and possibly even boring.
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Mental Health Resources.

People with dependent personality disorder DPD may require constant reassurance.

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Approximately 1 in 6 U.

Exercise, take up knitting, go for a walk

Just talking about obsessing can make us realize how absurd our behaviors are.

Actions are real and tangible and what really exists.

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You have things to do, things to talk about, things to see.

It's also possible to develop obsessive thoughts associated with other anxiety disorders.

Having a designated time to worry can help alleviate your mind during the majority of the day.

Yes, it sounds all new-agey.

You can withdraw consent at any time.

Remember that a thought is just thought — not an action and not an indication of your value as a person.

Some of the better options for obsessive thoughts out there include:.