How to make an am loop antenna.

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Loop Antennas Members. The combination is in effect a transformer, with power in the near-field inductively coupled from the feed loop to the main loop, which itself is connected to the resonating capacitor and is responsible for radiating most of the power. I added a switch and some terminals to accommodate this need.

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But they sure look cool sitting on top of your old radio.

Remember the AM Loop Antenna you have just constructed works best from the front and back of the picture.
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You typically can't see the coil which produces this inductance.

The features are not real different from loop to loop.
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Strip the insulation from the ends of the wire leads, leaving about an inch of exposed copper.

There's an am radio station that I sometimes pickup badly late at night.

I think I may even have the same identical radio you have.

Safety and regulation.

You will have to inductively couple your radio.

Since AM reception has almost as much to do with location as antenna construction, you can build homemade sexy tease lingerie antennas and be confident that they will be nearly as effective as purchased antennas.

On the top of the mast pole and each side arm, I drilled 17 holes.

In a mountain cabin in a river valley Chewuch in Eastern WA2oo miles from Seattle, is a coil of 21 turns black and white people having sex 22stranded cu, insulated hook-up wire that was wound on a Quaker Oats package and taped to keep it together.

The wire was originally cu stranded antenna wire but replaced by 0.

They are near field systems involving alternating magnetic fields, and may be analyzed as poorly coupled transformer windings; their performance criteria are dissimilar to radio antennas as discussed here.

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Secure the coil as 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock with the zip ties.

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