How to have sex with your friend.

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The chances of that are actually pretty slim. Why go this route? Ask a Question Related Articles. It makes the whole seduction game feel so much more than a one sided effort.

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And if they have on his part, he may have already imagined how you are in bed.

Warnings Don't try to seduce your friend if he's already in a relationship.
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An ex, for example, is a catastrophic idea in almost all cases, and ditto for anyone you consider a close friend.

It happens to all of us.
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So, you know exactly what she wants in a man.

You have to be completely emotionless, other than liking them as a friend.

An Alpha man puts his needs first.

Focusing on the rejection itself can lead to bitterness on both ends.

When she tosses her hair to one side of her shoulder and pushes her boobs close together, she is trying to get your attention and make herself look more attractive…and fuckable.

And best of all, he may already like you a lot, but is just afraid to make a move.

They are there to sleep with you and not to change your relationship in any other way.

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So that day we decided to meet up at his house and talk about things…wich you can guess led to sex.

Accept that some feelings aren't mutual, while others are.

Were you just drunk?